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Downtown Walking Tour

Revitalization of the downtown area on both sides of Argyle Street will be most noticeable from this vantage point. Flower beds, trees, benches, and more have given new life to the vista. This is a shorter walk taking you up one side of the business sector and down the other. Time frames for our walking tours are only suggestions, take as long or as little as you'd like! Enjoy!


Starting Location: Ron Clark Memorial Riverwalk (at foot of bridge beside Scotiabank).

Suggested length of tour: 30 Minutes

Arrell Law

This business is located in a building that at one time was a feed store for the Caledonia Milling Company, just one of four places of business. The Mill standing on the South side, the Shirra Mill (near the Dam), and an elevator at the Train Station were the other three places of business. 


Is located in a building that many years ago was the Red Front Department Store in the early 1900s. Later it was a drug store for almost 50 years.



Was built as the Union Hotel in the 1850s, burned in 1894 and was re-built. In early years you would take a horse-drawn taxi to and from the Train Station. For overnight stays, the taxi was a great promotion. It is home today to Wiggies Pizza, Wings, & More- a fantastic spot for a feast.


The Sachem

Is located in an 1865 frame building. The only Canadian newspaper still doing business in the same business it was for which it was built. The Sachem began in 1856 when Thomas Messenger came to Caledonia. Files dating back to 1856 retain the history of every publication available at the Museum. Once a family owned business, the Sachem is now part of Metroland Media.


Caledonia Presbyterian Church

Had its cornerstone laid on June 24, 1898. As a congregation, 150 years was celebrated in 1996. Caledonia Founder Ranald McKinnon and his family were members of this church for many years. The Church creates attention for its beauty and unique architecture.


Anglican Burial Ground

The burial ground has been inactive since the 1930s. It went through extensive refurbishment in early 2000. The original St. Paul's Anglican Church stood here from 1851 until 1927. A new Church was built in 1927 across Argyle St. Rev. Bold Cudmore Hill purchased this property in 1851 for the original Church.


Grand Trunk Railway Station

Was restored in 1997 when volunteers worked to return the structure to its 1908 glory. Be sure to visit inside. The Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Caledonia office have been located in the station since February 1998. The Station is filled with railroad artefacts.


Campbell House

Is left to the imagination. As you walk back down Grand Trunk Lane, visualize the days when the track was busy with trains coming and going. On the site where the Tim Horton's is located today was the Campbell House Hotel which burned in 1931.


Exchange Hotel

Is further down the street. This very old hotel had been in business for nearly 150 years. We can easily say it is the oldest building in the downtown area. The community looks forward to completion of renovations.



Is located where the Opera House stood until a fire in 1947. Although the present building is mostly a newer structure, there are remnants of the Opera House in the lower floor. Head inside for a drink or some delicious food. Photos of historic Caledonia are mounted on the walls inside.


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